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Our NFT collection is a set of unique artwork developed by our team. The Coky (Cockatoo) is an iconic bird native to Australia. The collection is designed to show a unique and dynamic range of people and personalities that create the crypto community. 

All of our artwork are unique images that are one of a kind hand drawn and digitalised. The collection is made of 100 Cockatoo’s in different settings,  personalities, mindsets and objectives. 

Our NFTs are unique in many ways due to the fact they are not any typical NFT, these NFTs represent an asset class and value in which is unlocked by the NFT owners once you own the NFT. Some of the benefits of holding out NFT are:

  • Get the right to a unique piece of artwork so you can use it however you like. You will have access to the vector file artwork. Note that Oxigen retains the rights to use artwork for our promotional purposes.
  • Foundation NFT owners get $500 off your setup fee if you choose to trade on our crypto bot trading platform.
  • Our NFT holders who trade using our trading bot will receive a 10% discount on our trading fees while they HODL the NFT.
  • NFT holders with receive 1.5% share of the royalty on all when an NFT sold in the secondary markets.
  • Our NFTs are validated and integrated with our billing system so we automatically apply relevant discounts.
  • Further more we are working on issuing our clients with one Oxigen token for every $1000 traded in volume on our platform while holding the NFT. is a leading ai based trading platform, designed from the ground up to trade any crypto pair on major exchanges.  Our trading bot can be configured with diffrent strategies such as:

  • Dollar cost averaging
  • Accumulation of a coin
  • Grid bot trading
  • And many more advanced property systems. 

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us please contact us


Mint cost, $1000 USD paid in USDC or ADA. Minted on the Cardano blockchain.